Friday, September 23, 2011

God for dummies...

Try to forget the old man with the long white beard for a minute and lets cut the thousands years BS, it can't get any simpler than this :

The entire Creation, known or unknown, on it's vast existence spectrum relies on a simple low denominator : the Truth of it's existence. 

Truth "provides" existence to the enormous ramifications of the Creation's building blocks on both meta and physical levels, one by one and all as one. 

Because it is the lowest common denominator, the Truth is visible while observing the smallest simplest particle known or the biggest and complex.

Nothing can exist without the Truth of it's existence while the Truth itself does not depend on any manifestation. It is a higher dimension which doesn't rely on any manifestation but causes the manifestation existence. 

The Creation is a manifestation of the Truth of it's existence.

The Truth "itself" on it's turn is a lower manifestation and an executor of a higher dimension Will.

Not the Truth nor the Will above it are God, only a lower manifestation of it's Kindness (Kindness cause if it was not, nothing could ever be), and that's the human's highest point of observation on this mater.

Since it's will and truth are manifested in every particle and therefor in any non-particle, it has a constant presence among the manifested and non-manifested existence. That's why "he" is "everywhere and "knows" everything.

The way from the highest form of "kindness" down to the "manifested" world goes trough an analog gradation, with 10 disticted steps (this is why the 10 base) , 7 (6 mater faces + 1 principle)  of them in our spectrum and 3 above .

So is this in contradiction with any scientifical findings ? NO!
Does it contradict evolution ? NO ! it supports evolution that has nothing as start point and humans as purpose (to be debated in the next Note)

So next time you say "Show me" you don't need any explanation but the fact you are there to ask it.

Please challenge me on this! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recovering from startup failure and the lessons learned.

It's always nice when you do something, and it works but how do you face failure?
I recently failed with the last startup ( - is down), it was my first "me too" internet venture.
I learned a few things...

* "Me too" ventures have no entry barriers therefore there are many "me"s that will get in the game usually even faster than you.
* India is a significant competitor in the "me too" game and they copy any working model within days of its success, and they do it very fast.
* Do only what you believe in and feel comfortable with the morality of the business model if you don't, stop immediately.
* Do not hire newbies just because they're cheaper, they will drag you month's away from targeted launch.
* Do not work on it too much to make it "perfect", start it and improve on the way, it will never be perfect.
* Never forget that advertising is much trickier and expensive than you think.
* Never forget that you cannot always succeed.
* If your business is considered as high risk by credit card processors there's a reason for it.
* Make sure you can afford to fail otherwise keep your 9 to 5 job until it gets some traction and revenues.
* Always raise double the money you think you'll need and be truthful  about the chance to succeed to your investors.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My 9/11 story

9/11 - i was on the plane, one hour away from NY...
The old Ben-Gurion airport was strangely agitated beyond the usual level, and increased security measures were taken that night... (the screening machines were put on every entry) , lots of security personnel than usual. They knew something is going on...

I was supposed to meet in NY with a colleague that lives in LA and close an IT equipment deal for the company i worked for. On Wed I tried to avoid the flight and close everything over the phone, it didn't worked out so despite my inner voice i had to order the ticket for Thursday.
Mean time i ordered a hotel room few blocks from WTC, shopped online $1500 worth of clothes and toys online for the kids which i never got.

That day was so strange... i felt something is so wrong, i felt it so bad and sad that i could barely talk and even TOLD EVERYONE around me about my feelings (which i never do) and i was scared to take that flight. I even called my religious friends and asked them if this day has any special meaning in the hebrew calendar.

I overcame my fear by preparing myself as i did tens of times before .. explaining myself that i am always nervous about flights that have no real life value (just business trip to lower IT costs which were significant back in those days) .

I was sleeping, the pilot woke all passengers up telling us what happened ... it was shocking, we landed in Canada. Cell phones were dead... nobody in IL knew what planes crushed, they only knew i "had a very bad feeling" and that now i do not answer the phone many hours after the supposed landing.
I was stuck there for 5 days while watching the stock markets crushing on Yahoo Finance and Commando's patrolling the airport.
I though this is WW3, and that US will hit that Nuke button while i am on the other side of the world.... i imagined myself isolated from my kids and family without even knowing that my mom is in LA. 

The events are still unbelivable for me, the building #7 collapse is the worse mystery and after 10 years we know even less.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

How can a new startup compete with established brands ?##@#?

This really bothers me lately since it looks like i will need to fight on the rebels side (again)  and i had to find few points (five are easy to remember) that i will put on my desktop background...
(please correct or focus me if you think otherwise) .

1) We can do whatever we think is right.
Pro: Fast implementation of decisions.
Con: We better be right! no room for mistakes.

2) Make it simple and focus on the advantage
Pro: Easy to stand out. 
Con: Lack of nice to have features.

3) Solve real problems 
Pro: Everybody likes useful solutions. 
Con: Define what is widely useful can be tricky so go to #4

4) Take over a niche
Pro: Easier to focus, enough audience as a start point. 
Con: Expanding the audience can compromise the solution effectiveness.

5) Adapt business model to what works
Pro: Can easily change failure to success. 
Con: Zig-Zag'ing is not the shortest path from point A to  point B... the longer, the riskier 

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