Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Android - OMG, BAD ROBOT !

I managed to stay away from the (an)Droid fever for maybe too long, maybe because i felt no desire to take even a brief look on it as i was so happy with IOS since it's first appearance.
So finally today i just had the oportiunity to play with the Galaxy II S and i can describe it in few words:
An unmanageable crazy mess !
It's just a clogged linux on UI steroids !!!

Looks like the big G had no choice but to make a huge monster that just had to keep up against Apple and no mater what... in terms of visible features.

The UI is messy, non-predictive and sluggish , it has endless options that are not even close to a minimal order and common sense.

It's definitely a linux mindset brought to the non-linux users which compared to the idiotic pre-Android era Samsung/Motorola and other strange birds OS'es looks as a huge upgrade but compared to IOS it's still a linux crap.

It's a computer science tool disguised in a casual skin... so the common user has no chance of managing this beast in a fashionable way. (Apps security settings, task manager with manual garbage collection) , why not open terminal and type "top" ....

It has a forward "Menu" and a back "button" and is never clear when they should be used

It has an endless list of apps in the store, most of it junk

It allows apps to do everything within the OS

It has a different version for each device type , which created a really nightmare for developers to maintain

It has clickable areas within apps that you never dream to find them

There is no UI guidance that is kept along the huge number of apps available

And so and so ...

"Great job" G and good luck Samsung, you brought the worse of the naked linux experience to the mobile!