Friday, May 27, 2011

Yes, the universe is finite but within an infinite

יסוד היסודות ועמוד החכמות, לידע שיש שם מצוי ראשון
The root of all roots and the basics of all wisdom is the acknowledgment of the fact that there is a prime and single SOURCE of everything,
והוא ממציא כל הנמצא
The UNIFORMITY (1), simply Creates the existence reality of
the DUALITY (2),  that creates multiplicity and therefore diversity, so the duality CREATED, constantly points back on and relies on the existence of the unity.
A duality (2) cannot exist without the basic uniformity (1) so..  Multiplicity is a direct “result” of absolute unity.
So the duality is made of unity  and results in it’s EXISTENCE while the unity is not made of duality...
, it only makes it possible.
וכל הנמצאים מן שמיים וארץ ומה ביניהם, לא נמצאו אלא מאמיתת הימצאו
All there is between unity and ultimate complexity does not exists but thanks to the existence of the absolute unity.
 ואם יעלה על הדעת שהוא אינו מצוי, אין דבר אחר יכול להימצאות
So if we consider that absolute unity might not exists, then no duality/complexity/diversity can exists either... 
ואם יעלה על הדעת שאין כל הנמצאים מלבדו מצויים, הוא לבדו יהיה מצוי ולא ייבטל הוא לביטולם
... if we consider that complexity/duality does not exists, the UNITY is not affected by it’s absence therefore it regardless exists...
 לפיכך אין אמיתתו כאמיתת אחד מהם the Unity’s state of existence, meaning it’s self-included united true is totally distinctive/different than the duality/diversity true “state of existence”.

Due to the fact that absolute unity “contains” everything it is “made of” (due to it's unity and external dependency) cause otherwise it was made of it would be a duality ... we can simply and correctly state that unity is also at least the true of it’s existence, because it relies on itself only unlike the duality...
hmm...okay... let’s see again
הוא שהנביא אומר "וה' אלוהים אמת"
Since unity does not rely on anything else but the truth of it’s existence, and due to it’s unity with that truth it means that unity IS THE TRUTH ITSELF at least.

By agreeing up to this point, it means we comply with the first commandment:
“I am the Lord thy God, “ and supporting an idea of a Creator beneath the absolute unity , means calling a  “Creation” the Creator and that’s a strict “don’t do”second commandment: 
“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.“ 

This might explain a small step toward the understanding why a visible/thinkable/coped entity is just a creation and cannot be a creator, or why you cannot “see” that unity which is superficially called G_D in english...
The unity “itself” is not the Creator, the unity is still a principle manifestation which means it is still a duality... while an whole-wide-distinguished-existence-giving-will can be safely addressed as the Creator('s only perceptible way of being pointed at)

The Creator’s unity is absolutely “distinguished” of duality, and our minds or even our conscious self cannot “break” this intentionally build barrier by “thinking” ... (for it’s own sake). 
The “created” cannot ever “contain” the “creator”...

The Creator’s absolute unity is unique, it’s absolute unity is not to be found anywhere second and is “distinguished” from any unity-alike creations which are made of “parts” combined into a unit.
The absolute unity is not an unified unity united by unities (parts).
If there was more than one “unity”, and all of them group an united “something”, this “something” would be a group of unities and not an unity, with a “start” and an “end” unlike the absolute unity or Creator that has no start or end or any specific manifestation.
DUALITY  automatically “causes” space and therefore time, therefore start and end, therefore bodies (in the simplest example possible, 1=white, 2=black).So if you asked yourself...
Yes, the universe is finite but within an infinite. It’s boundary looks exactly like a no-boundary that gradually becomes a boundary during  a progression that starts in any given point and ends in eternity... no kidding.
Because there is one absolute unity manifesting in multiple dualities, this unity is related to all dualities (it is actually directly responsible for all duality existence).

A great law exists in the creation, a law that scientists have not pointed on yet: 
Between black and white there is always gray, this gray starting from black and ending in white and vice versa.
  1. This concept explains the evolution idea that is clearly stated in the 6 creation steps (days) and only black-withe minds deny it by looking only on the final target... (yes, from nothing there was something but let's not forget the so important progression in-between).
  2. This concept explains why the first day of creation is a day that starts in eternity and ends in existence, so they all right, it is a day (step) stretched over endless sub-steps (billions of  years).
  3. This concept applies between nothing and something and then of course between something and other something.
  4. This concept shows the mutual affection relation between "white" and "black" thru the six sides of the space, times it's the seventh side which is the truth of it's existence.
To be continued...
בלי נדר

 ( Elaborating those points in english is not quite possible for two reasons, one is my limitation and the second is the language limitation. English is a nice and popular language but like it's speakers it is light years away from the truth, it's very alphabet and words do not deeply define the subject ,meaning, material, spiritual structure, value, relations and shape as the source language does (Hebrew).

פרשות הקורבנות ותופעת שיפודי הפרגיות

העיסוק, ליתר דיוק העומק הבלתי נתפס ששבענייני הקורבנות שבפרשות בשבועות האחרונים מזכיר לי תופעה מאוד מאוד מוזרה שאני חווה בערך 4~6 פעמים בשנה כשאני ... מכין את שיפודי הפרגיות בזמנים הראויים לכך כמו חג העצמאות ביער בן שמן, וטיול פסח בעין פשחא וכו..

תאור התופעה:

בזמן שמשפדים את חתיכות הפרגיות בעזרת שיפוד עץ יש תחושה שדקירות בכף היד האוחזת בבשר..
תחושה זו תמידה מוסברת בצורה אינסטינקטיבית ע"י כך שכביכול שבב מהחלק החיצון של השיפוד חודר אלכסונית אל תוך הבשר ומובל דרכו אל היד האוחזת בחתיכת הבשר.

אז זהו שלא ... ואחרי שנים שכולנו עושים זאת - לפחות הגברים... פעם אחת שברתי את המעגל ופשוט עצרתי לבדוק האם באמת כך קורה הדבר והאם זו הסיבה לתחושת הדקירה ביד ולתדהמתי גיליתי שגוף השיפוד העשוי עץ כלל לא התפצל לסיבים/שבבים בזמן דקירת חתיחכת הבשר ולמרות זאת חשתי דקירות ביד. הדבר הוביל לתובנה שתחושת הדקירה ביד מיוחסת אוטומטית ע"י המח ומתוך תהליך חיזוי לוגי פשוט שעוזר לנו לעשות משימות מוכרות בלי לתת עליהם את הדעת. ז"א בזמן הפעולה אני מצאתי הסבר לוגי הכי קרוב למציאות המוכרת לי וגם בזמן התחושה המפתיע של הזרם ביד, מיד המודעות שלי נתנה הסבר מתקבל בקלות.