Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nobody lives forever (Microsoft, Apple, Google)

*wrote this more than a year ago" ... now Apple is 33% down ...

Well, sure IBM CEO is in the background cause none of their products are "taken personally" by millions of people  ... we listen to music, play games, communicate and work using Apple products... touching them every few minutes. I account this "personal" approach to Steve Jobs being a great speaker and addressing everyone directly and frontally. If your product is a database server you better not show your face on stage cause it's useless !
Tim Cook is a GrAY COO with a sleepy talking style, all short-term achievement are just a dimming ECHO of the last decade phenomena and it will slowly but surely fade away. In the mid-term future we will see a decline start in many forms and it is to be accompanied by desperate moves to hold on the title, moves that will speed the fall.