Thursday, July 21, 2011

First 10 impressions on #OSXLion

This time Apple made a really major upgrade with the #OSXLion for sure and with the long waited features looks like there's a re-education agenda.

1.  Scrolling backwards ??? come on Apple #@!! WTF ??? It's like telling everyone "take your TV and turn it around, the picture was wrong since the first TV, now we fixed it ", i know i know they are just trying to make it "right" but why fix something it ain't broken ??? 

2. As a power user who's not afraid of #linux nor even #Solaris i openly admit that i am loosing it... the gestures control me and not the other way around!!! 2 fingers horizontally , 3 fingers up and down ... 4 fingers whatever ... "How about, I give you the finger [i do] and you give me my scroll back" - NEO #matrix

3. Launchpad is useful, the iPad way to launch apps, only if you remember that is accessible by pinching with the thumb and 3 fingers.. WTF???

4. Spaces is lost in space ... replaced by multiple fullscreen apps ...

5. CPU usage is 20% as normal idle @#?@?$? what does that mean for my battery time or my sperm count ? it gets warm on my lap as the 2006 Core Duo!!@#!@#

6. Window resize, 10 years of development ? 

7. No welcome video ???? with so many changes Apple could gives as few minutes of how-to video ... no ? 

8. Versions, the main upgrade reason !

9. Safari zoom and history swipe is definitely great !

10. What can possible come after those slick predators ? i bet on Star names ... no limitations :) 

I am lost in the jungle but i think i will like the Lion in a few weeks