Sunday, September 4, 2011

How can a new startup compete with established brands ?##@#?

This really bothers me lately since it looks like i will need to fight on the rebels side (again)  and i had to find few points (five are easy to remember) that i will put on my desktop background...
(please correct or focus me if you think otherwise) .

1) We can do whatever we think is right.
Pro: Fast implementation of decisions.
Con: We better be right! no room for mistakes.

2) Make it simple and focus on the advantage
Pro: Easy to stand out. 
Con: Lack of nice to have features.

3) Solve real problems 
Pro: Everybody likes useful solutions. 
Con: Define what is widely useful can be tricky so go to #4

4) Take over a niche
Pro: Easier to focus, enough audience as a start point. 
Con: Expanding the audience can compromise the solution effectiveness.

5) Adapt business model to what works
Pro: Can easily change failure to success. 
Con: Zig-Zag'ing is not the shortest path from point A to  point B... the longer, the riskier 

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