Thursday, October 14, 2010

The secret of mater diversity revealed

Lets take those major human components an forces and put them under examination
The material body (for this post)  need/designed to "receive" it exists by constantly converting lower forms to higher outcome ...  the body is always in receiving mode  and unless it is given it cannot exist nor has a reason to. Although being the lowest part of a human,  it directly serves the highest part,  the WILL. When you "want" to go to the kitchen you first want and then you body moves as an outcome. The body is a converter of mater to will actions instructed by the mind in the name of the soul.

-flesh/blood - earth
- hearth - water
- mind - wind
-  soul - fire

Like a glove, it shares the hand's outer shape. But what is the hand's outside shape (lowest part )  it's the glove's inside (highest part)  .... it serves the hand  and moves almost like the hand, just much more stiff and totally made of different material. Imagine this world as aמ oven in which stuff is constantly baked and  changes form.
Every material element is made of a structure element made of the four known elements while their most prominent attributes are like the contrast between earth , water, wind and fire (this is the closest to the right way i can describe them) 

[Now, because the English language is so popular (like Aramaic some time ago) in those times but too far from the true related to what it describes, the names of the elements are no more than a joke took seriously!, then worked on by another serious thinking (greeks) which is based already on a joke so now the joke is even funnier. (romans and latin outcomes).. shortly .. if no Hebrew in your logic arsenal you die HEDIOT (btw hebrew for layman-fool-unskilled) with no chance in this life to understand things deeper than ... i don't know i 've been rude enough but direct].

With this said let's go on...

Every combination (not yet materialized) is made out of the 4 elements containing the "characteristics" of all four of them. That gives us only 1 combination ?  ... no ... there is a long range combination starting from nothing to everything.. ok , example : 

The old televisions had tunes for RED , GREEN , BLUE , CONTRAST , make no mistake , this is no coincidence ... every existence is visible , and diversity is possible only from it's 4th stage and our phisical senses work up to the 7th, like what is visible of an iceberg.. Lowering all the tunes is black , max all tunes is white , in between there are many options. . This is how the basic combinations are diversified. 

Lower than this level there are structures, again stating from nothing to everything , like taking a white sheet of paper and drawing a point , up to drawing the entire page, all in between is long list of shapes multiplied by the number of colors mentioned before ...
This is the secret of mater diversity , another fact is that this diversity was once ONE step away of total simplicity but was designed to "fail or continue to divers" with an optional success path. Like you knew the truth but didn't listened to yourself and that made you take a longer path until you got to the wanted destination.

The diversity and complexity grows exponentially with each step away from 3. The most complex mechanism in the entire creation is mankind and it is the entire point of it. The many steps in the complexity are required in order to bind together almost the most dramatically  opposites ever created , earth and fire. Fire (soul)  uses (converts to lower form)  earth (mater) while bound. This is what happens when your mind moves your hand.
You cannot boil water on fire  , a pot is needed to exchange the heat energy from source to the subject.
(this info is very simple and was kept for thousands of years, then taken by and  traduced to ancient greeks with intended mistakes , misinterpreted but still highly valuable. Then romans expelled the jews within the nations and integrated it throughout humanity until these days.Everything runsclearly toward final unification so it should be public.

--- most dramatic change ----
1 = EVERYTHING made of  NO up to YES
2 = Element structures
3 = Known material Elements

Did you knew ?
* Your week has 6 days because this is the root structure and cycle of the material part of life , the 7th day is the highest and dedicated to mind/soul  "work". Actually there are 10 steps in the full cycle but the last 3 are not to be worried about yet , that's why we're aware of the 10 base.

*In the fourth day of creation everything started to be visible , mostly known for the day stars were first populated sky. 

* This existence of the universe as we know it is made to last up to year 6000 as it's form , max. 229 years left in the longest scenario.

Starting from a very far point , i do my best to share this information in English  and the info itself comes from Hebrew/ Aramaic , and my mother tongue is Romanian ... sorry for the issues it might create.