Thursday, October 14, 2010

Answer to Big Bang Alternatives: Could my light just get tired?

This guy Ethan writes here : 
"You know the story. Every galaxy we look out at, with hardly any exceptions, appears to be moving away from us. Not only that, but the farther away a galaxy appears to be, the faster it appears to move away from us!"

It does move away until starts to return, max. ETA:  year 6999 , relax now is 5761 ... End of the 7th thousand is the end of mater in the form known it. However human creation gradually evolves max. by year 6000 (229 years left)  to a higher form.
Current form is now is 1 part spiritual 6 parts physical (1 thought projected in 6 dimensions of mater).
Next form is mostly spiritual with a minimum of mater to support it,and much less "units" meaning divided in less parts meaning more close to unification ..
If one meets the other what is first seen and understood at once is the spiritual qualities and the body as an attachment , contrary of today when what you see is mostly the physical presence of a person ...
After, those almost unified creatures moves into the highest form : final unification which is unthinkable or speakable now.